SparkBrief is a Ghost writer that helps you combine sources likeand writequickly with AI.

Writing with SparkBrief is easy

  • Add your sources

    Your links will be the sources from which your essay will be generated from. This can be news articles, books, and more.

  • Configure your preferences

    Control how many words your essay will contain, who will be the speaker, tone, and essay objective.

  • Press generate and wait

    Generation takes just 1-2 minutes. We even get you started with 2 free credits.

SparkBrief is powered by GPT and PaLM

Under the hood we use the power of GPT (General pretrained transformer) offered by OpenAI and PaLM (Pathways learning model) offered by Google. We combine these APIs in unique ways to get the best results for your essay based on the preferences you select.

No account needed, your information is secured

Rest assured that Sparkbrief doesn't store any of your personal information on our server. You can use Sparkbrief without an account and we do not store any of your personal information on our server. This includes your name, email, and credit card numbers.

Over 15 Languages Supported.

SparkBrief is truly global with output languages that cover over 15 different languages that includes English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Swahili, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, Thai, Greek, German, and more.

450+ options, unlimited possibilities.

Choose between 3 preferences for each essay, tone, objective, and speaker for a total of 450 unique options. That's 450 different ways that you can use to write your essay.

Write SEO Optimized content

Subscribe to SparkBrief Unlimited and get access to SEO Words. Choose words that are relevant to your audience and SparkBrief will make its best attempt to insert those words smoothly in the text.

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